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2018 will see HART~CARNEY'S ROCK BOX on the road at many venues in and around the north-west of England.

Check your local press and Google Hart~Carney Live Music for up-to-date details of live gigs.


Work has started on a new album set for release summer 2018.

Many songs have been written by both Jack and Bill and they say that choosing which song's to record is going to be their biggest task.


"We collaborate closely on each composition before we take to the studio for recording and mixing the tracks", says Bill.


"Sound engineer Mick Armistead then guides us through the many complex processes until were are all satisfied it is ready to be put forward for final mastering.


Jack adds, "The choice of album titles and a running order of the tracks is carefully considered and a plan for marketing the Album is put together.


Then we sit back and enjoy the fruits of our labours... Just knowing we have made a small contribution and leaving behind a long lasting legacy to rock 'n roll's future generations, is all we need."












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"I've played The Everthing Theory cd a few times now. Great recording. Pristine quality and excellent songs, Extremely well done,"

Michael 'Mitch' Mitchinson

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